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Entry #4

fuck this shit.

2009-04-04 18:30:48 by dieplease

the world is fucked. List a few reasons why, and which world. comment or not, you reading this is an accomplishment that i have over six billion other peeps. So, achievement unlocked.


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2009-04-04 19:32:00

The mods banned you for blatantly breaking the rules-That's so fuckin' unfair, I mean after all, rules are meant to be broken.

Your crappy flash got blammed-Seriously I'm a noob, at least vote 5 and add it to your favorites out of pity.

A user banned you after five months of you harassing him-How dare that faggot ban me? No one bans ME!

You got banned from the Audio Portal-Why the hell can't I submit this awsome song I found? I did mention that I didn't make it and gave credit to the people who did make it.


2009-04-05 21:30:08

The world is fucked, I know. For many reasons. But how can we salve this problem? How do we learn from the human's outdated mistakes? Why is this world full of corrupt, uneducated, greedy, political and religious people and still has the old system of living? How can we get rid of all the outdated systems and replace them with new ones? And how can we put the government, religion and money to an end?

Well..... only one thing or two can answer all those questions..... it is..... THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD... or any method that is useful. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

1: Problem(describes the problem)
2: Hypothesis(opinion or theory)
3: Observation(materials or formulas to verify the hypothesis)

If any of these people(10billion) refuse to solve the problem(even without using the scientific method) they will all be left behind and sadly, most will die once they run out of money and resources(or survival points due to the still existing government system).

I'm sorry for getting a little too carried away with the screwed people.

My accomplishment was to spend a lot of time with my cousin Susan, but I had too many interruptions with my brother. Which means I had enough time to express all the ideas that were floating all over my head for 1 and a half years too long. .....okay..... let's just say something random..... nope..... nothin'. Okay let's try this again..... still nothin'..... Aw..... damn it, it went blank.....*sigh* Lets try this one more time..... hmm..... mm hm..... Aw!, Oh shit!- It's comin'!- Almost there! .... AH! .... AWWW, FUCK I LOST IT!!!


2009-07-05 20:45:47

Are you dead?

dieplease responds:

no, i just never check my profile.


2009-08-19 18:43:52

You're obviously a cynical, crusty asshole. And egotistical to boot. I've read some of your reviews and I can tell just by the way you talk. You feel like you don't have a future, so that means that the rest of the world must be fucked as well. Your asshole is consuming you, sir, head-first. Have some decency. I know you're only 15, and often times people in your age group are angry and talk out their asses, but you need to find some kind of passion for life.

The reason the world is "fucked" :

dieplease responds:

eeewwwwww apreciate the input, i 'spose.


2009-08-19 18:51:12

That being said...I respect the fact that you have gir on your profile. Ride the pig, indeed.


2009-09-26 19:38:08


dieplease responds:

lol, hardly. Blame the islam birth rate. You'll see.


2010-03-08 08:53:21