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Pot Agayn

2008-09-06 23:59:48 by dieplease

I stated my own opinion about pot, what do you think?

Please state what you know AND think, not just what you've told. Please, let a pot literate person stumble upon the table and leave a nice big plate of comment flavored informed opinion actually about pot. please. Don't make meh beg!


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2008-09-07 00:13:17

Pot as in Weed? :-)

dieplease responds:

Yes. As in WEEEEEEEEehokaiheEd. Idioth. If your just being funny, Ha! If your just being a douche, fuck off. If you are really that stupid, shove your head back up your ass or come smoke a bowl with me.


2008-09-07 00:30:28

ohh...ur one of those dickhead potheads...i wouldnt never smoke any of my weed with u

dieplease responds:

Dick head? I just want pot to be de-criminalized. Your the dickhead for not wanting to smoke period. You've never smoked. I can tell right now,by 1, you said WEED, a term used by douche-bags. 2, your so fucking selfish, any toker would at least show a little generocity and kindness to a fellow smoker. Fuck off, douche.


2008-09-24 21:30:29


dieplease responds:



2008-09-30 23:19:44

I could tell you quite a bit, having dipped my pen extensively in the cultivation ink.
With sexy results.

dieplease responds:

Hey sexy.


2008-11-01 04:44:19

wanna join the Troll SQUAD?

*for more iinfo,check my userpage*

dieplease responds:

Be Relevant, duoche.


2008-11-02 20:48:37

Yo man we should totally chill and smoke some reefer. If it wasn't considered stalking i would hook you up right now. Peace man

dieplease responds:

I have a hook-up. Seriously, just say where, there's an A7X Concert in Billings tomorow, we should blaze before that.


2008-11-07 19:47:52

My opinion is that the plant they use for pot, looks like a tiny palm tree.

dieplease responds:

That's awesome, n' stuff.

I'm kinda stoned roght knaw, which is funny.


2008-11-12 12:07:08

Pot is a weed.
Pot is a Wiid?
Pot is Wii?!?
Lol funny!!! XD

dieplease responds:

Mariam, you are not