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2008-08-13 03:38:09 by dieplease

This douche Grumio made a flash about all the DRUGGIES who "wasted their money".

I think the only thing "bad" about pot is that it fucks with your sense of time. Granted, it takes away time you could have used for a character-building hobby. And, a lot of tokers do have no talent or character, but I know a lot who do. So I don't think those two are significantly related. I didn't really have any hobby, so smoking doesn't interfere with anything, really.

I like to play the trumpet, and I'm really good. My teacher says I have potential. But I've been stoned at my practice sessions once or twice by accident. Made the lesson seem really short, that's it. One time he caught me kinda dozing off, and I just mumbled that I was really tired from the day. So I don't think pot will lessen my chances of getting a small scholarship to whatever collage.

So, with that I ask what you, the random user who stumbled upon this weird kids profile, to leave whatever comment you think.


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2008-08-13 07:43:45

darknessdweller wuz here.

dieplease responds:

cool. Did you see the six flags down the highway? It's really cool.


2008-08-16 17:55:41

In other words, pot SUCKS! LMAO LOL XD.

dieplease responds:

... um, go fuck yourself. Don't talk about shit you don't know about.


2008-08-17 11:20:18

Pot is a drug. I don't smoke pot because it's bad for your lungs.

dieplease responds:

Ok? That's the reason?