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2008-07-26 03:11:51 by dieplease

I live in Billings Montana, and I think life sucks so much fucking ass, I'm surprised Disney is still a MAJOR corporation. I'm sure Walter is too tired to roll around anymore thanks to Hannah FUCKING MON-FUCKING-TANA!!

This short line or two is to everyone who likes competition, including sports. Although I'm mainly referring to sports, where you can be better than other people by athletic ability. FUCK THAT. I don't want to be considered less accomplished because I can't run the 100 in ten seconds. And then, Billy Everyteen gets a leather jacket, and privileges to harass me. If the same scene happened in ten years, then he would go to- check this- PRISON. FUCKING PRISON. All because I'm not on the varsity team (not that I want to be classified as an equal to those shit noses).

FUCKING FUCKS!!!!!! I can't fucking stand all of the fucking cock washers who think they are THE shit! HAAAGH! OK. I walk down this halway, crowded with kids trying to go somewhere. One of them just happens to be me. I see my friend, Ian, and make eye-contact and kinda nod, just to say whats up. There's a lot of noise, so I don't try to add to it by saying something. I can talk to him an hour and a half later in gym, telling him what might've been on my mind that day. I'm a litlle late from my class, and have to go downstairs. I make it out from my locker with the RIGHT books. But what's this? The hallway is blocked by the future porn stars, strippers, hookers, whores, tar lungs, hummer drivers, hand job givers, coke heads- meth heads in Montana-, alcoholics, child abusers, game show contestants, troops, and god forbid sucsesful people who actually earned their daily pay by working hard. The bell will ring in one minute, and I can't get five feet from my locker. Thanks to all of the above.



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2008-08-08 02:59:47

well, sucks to be you, i guess

dieplease responds:

You don't know the half of it. I'm being tortured by my alcoholic Dad with shelter, warm food, and a half sincere pat on the back once a mont he calls "love". So yeah, life sucks in Suburbia.


2008-08-11 12:21:51

are you fucking emo or somethin?

dieplease responds:

maybe, I'm not really "into" black hair and thick-rimmed glasses. That kid that hangs out with all those popular douche bags isn't emo. He's a dick. Hate that guy too.

Thanks for looking on my profile, don't know how you found it. I don't even know how to make flash.


2008-08-12 20:06:15

I see a lot of hatred on this post. Whoa!!! I also notised that you really hate Disney and Hannah Montana as much as I do. THERE'S BAD NEWS! There's over 900 hentai submitions almost to 1,000.

dieplease responds:

Wow! I'll now stand upon my own head and gasp in surprise!